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Dean Voigt offers more than 40 years of distinguished horsemanship. Born in North Dakota and growing up on the family cattle ranch, Dean was put on a horse before he could walk. He learned to rope and start colts by age 12. When he was 17 years old Dean attended his first Ray Hunt Clinic, there he learned a better way of starting horses, using communication rather than intimidation, to achieve positive changes in preparing a horse to accept the saddle and a rider.

Dean competed in high school rodeos, ultimately winning All Around Champion in 1978. Dean's rodeo career continued through college and he competed in the North Dakota Rodeo Association winning the All Around Championship 2 years in a row. Dean was a member of the US Rodeo Team in 1988. As a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association he traveled to Australia, where he met Pat Parelli and observed one of Pat's clinics. Pat and Dean developed a friendship, based on a mutual respect for horses that led to Dean becoming a Certified Parelli Instructor. In 2002, after several years of hosting and conducting clinics for Pat Parelli, Dean resigned and continued as an independent Natural Horsemanship Trainer.

Dean continued to hold clinics throughout the mid-west, work with challenging horses, and start colts. Additionally Dean was hired by Twissleman Ranch in San Luis Obispo to start colts with Martin Black, and Ed Robertson.

From January 2006 to May 2010 Dean accepted a position as Ranch Manager and Trainer at privately owned Sundance Ranch in Calistoga, California. He oversaw a 20 stall barn, conducted clinics specializing in starting colts, foundation skills, obstacle/trail riding competence, cow work, problem horses, as well as giving riding lessons. In May 2010 Dean made the decision to return to independent training as a specialist in all these areas of horse training and continues to work with other professionals, such as, Karen Scholl and Jack Brainard. Dean and Jack Braindard have worked together starting colts on the fundamentals of reining, and more recently Western/Cowboy Dressage.

Dean is an avid competitor in Team Roping. He has been fortunate enough to have won numerous titles - two of which are ACTRA National Championships, winning the Super 7 ropings, in 2007 and 2013.

Dean has been using the knowledge, and methods, he has gathered over the last 40 years, to start horses with understanding and acceptance. Dean teaches that anyone can train a horse by using communication, rather than intimidation, and build a lasting relationship while becoming a partner with your horse. It doesn't matter what discipline you follow, as long as you put the horse first.

 "Every time you ride a horse you are either training, or untraining"
- Jack Brainard 


Clinics & Events

 If you are interested in hosting a clinic please contact Dean at 

707-291-6428 or

If you are interested in hosting a one day workshop, there must be a minimum of six participants. The needs of each will be dealt with independently, with their horses, on a particular issue, i.e. trailer loading, leading, handling feet, pulling back, catching, etc. Call for cost per rider, plus expenses (fuel, meals, and a room if needed). One day workshops are from 9am to 4pm, with a one hour break for lunch.

Introductory Clinics consist of 2 days training, from 9 am to 4 pm each day, with a one hour break for lunch. 50% on ground work and 50% under saddle, if you and your horse are pressure.

We will start with ground work on short leads, working our way to longer lines, at a greater distance. You will work on sending your horse over objects, side passing down the fence away and towards you, as well as mounting your horse from the fence, left side and right side, on and off. Under saddle you will work on flexion, left to right, walking off, stopping with one rein, and the dismount. Walking, trotting, stopping, and backing up softly. We will also work on hindquarter and forequarter control.

In this clinic you will work on getting your horse to move left, right, forward, back, up and down. Horse's head set, collection, flexion, and footfall (knowing where your horse's feet are). Being able to move the hindquarters, forequarter, walk, trot, and cantor relaxed, lead changes, and address any issues you might have with your horse. You may have the possibility of working with cattle, chasing, roping, etc. You will need to have your horse in tune to the ground games so that no one will be held up. 

If you have any questions as to whether your horse is ready for this clinic please call me first. 

If you are interested in hosting a clinic please contact Dean at 

707-291-6428 or


Advanced Photonic Therapy & Equipment

Photonic Light Therapy is the use of light therapy instead of needles, to stimulate traditional acupuncture points in humans, horses, and dogs. A complementary rather than an alternative treatment system, applied post-diagnostically. Advanced Photonic Therapy is often used for the temporary relief from pain, colic and skin rashes, and performance improvement, are just a few examples. The release of neurochemicals during the therapy will promote feelings of well being, so photonic therapy can assist with emotional, as well as physical health concerns.

Dean is a Certified Agent in the United States for the original Advanced Photonic Therapy made in Australia.

Please contact Dean to purchase your kit.


Dean is also an authorized Distributor for Heel-O-Matic roping steers.   

12 ft. Leads - $35.00
Halters - $30.00
22 ft. Ring Rope - $75.00
6 ft. string - $15.00
Sticks - $35.00
Starter Kit- includes halter, lead, stick & string - $105.00
Plus shipping and handling on all equipment. 


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